How Can You Actually Make “New Year, New You” Happen?

Strange as it may sound, I hold quite a high regard for the month of January (well the first two weeks of it anyway). By this time I’ve usually eaten my own weight in cheese, mince pies and roast potatoes, and I’ve had a few naps. All of this means I’m feeling fresh and ready to begin a brand new year. Continue reading How Can You Actually Make “New Year, New You” Happen?

Stop Living for the Weekend and Start Actually Living…

I’m so in love with the Friday feeling. When the weekend stretches before you in all its 2.3 days of glory; promising you lengthy lie-ins, fun times with friends, and plenty of good old relaxation. It’s an amazing time… until Sunday evening rolls around quicker than you can blink. Suddenly Monday  morning looms around the corner like a big black cloud on the horizon, and a little bit of dread fills your soul. It’s time again to face a whole five days of working adult life. Continue reading Stop Living for the Weekend and Start Actually Living…

Do Women Make Good Leaders?

Female leadership. A nice juicy topic that gets a lot of backs up instantly.

Until recent years, female leadership wasn’t really a “thing” in western society- as we all know. As time progresses, however, we are (happily) gaining access to more and more opportunities. There are more female CEOs and women in government than ever before. Our country is lead by a lady. And yet statistics show that those female CEOs? They only make up 9% of CEO roles globally. Meanwhile, only 29% of MPs in the UK are women. While we have made progress, something still isn’t right. And something huge is still missing. Continue reading Do Women Make Good Leaders?

When Sexual Harassment Becomes Normal

In the years passed between teenage-hood and 27, I have heard countless stories from other girls and women regarding unpleasant encounters which have left them feeling shamed, unsafe, or uncomfortable. Strange hands wandering up skirts in nightclubs, groping, degrading remarks, attempted date rape, and anger as a result of withheld sex are just a few of the experiences I have heard about all too often. I have experienced some of these myself. Continue reading When Sexual Harassment Becomes Normal

When You Care Too Much What People Think of You

I definitely care too much what people think of me. Who doesn’t? Worrying about what’s going on in the mind of someone else concerning you is a universal habit. I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone who (if they were really honest with themselves) wasn’t bothered at least in some way by the opinions of others. Continue reading When You Care Too Much What People Think of You

How to Discover Your True Identity

I’m actually writing this on an insecure day. Feelings of uncertainty are lurking like big black clouds waiting to swallow me up… and yet I know they won’t. I felt compelled to share my thoughts, because in these moments (rubbish as they are) I know where to turn. I think the truth is most of us feel insecure sometimes, we just don’t really talk about it. To admit that you’re not so sure of yourself is not easy- it can feel like failure. Continue reading How to Discover Your True Identity